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Wang Fa's menu incorporates both traditional and classical favourites with original and new dishes that deliver mouth watering food straight to your door. We have always strived for the best delivery service and we cordially invite you to come and give us a try. Browse our menu and try one of our unique dishes made using only the freshest ingredients. We hope you will enjoy your experience at Wang Fa through our efficient take out and delivery service.

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208 Coldharbour Lane
Brixton, SW98SA

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1,418 reviews


  • Very bad chicken curry; poorly packed. TERRIBLE


  • Food wasn't nice at all


  • The best chilly beef ever and so fast .I did not even layed the table from ording.... excellent service......


  • Came quick but quality was terrible


  • Food is OK, but nothing more. Big portions. No sticks added to the order, which wasn't very convenient. And also a soup marked as vegetarian turned out to be fish - good that I had someone to give it to.


  • The sweet potato katsu was really nice and the portions were excellent. Rice and noodle dishes were tasty too.


  • I am very happy with First order of food online only was so hungry omitted one item. Lovely tasty dishes. I cannot complain


  • very good quality food.


  • Food was over 1 hour late. Very bland, lukewarm. Very dissatisfied. Will definitely not recommend.


  • Best Asian food in London


  • Noodles were completely uncooked


  • It was very late! We had to phone the restaurant to check and it was only then that it was dispatched. Food pretty average too sadly.


  • Food was alright, not the best I have had but decently priced.


  • Food was over 30mins late. I have pre order aswell over 3 hours before. Also the good came awful. The noddles werent comes they were crispy and raw the sweet and sour chicken was pure vinegar and the special fried noodles was basically just plain rice. Absolutely nasty.


  • Our order arrived 45mins later than expected (an hour and 45minutes from ordering to delivery). It was luke warm when it arrived and was poorly packaged so the sauce from one dish is all over everything. The meat in the beef dish was fatty and slimey, the shredded chicken smelled fishy. Despite spending over £30 there were no prawn crackers included and our starter was missing katsu curry sauce. I've ordered from Wang fa many times before but today's order was really not acceptable. We requested a refund but they said they are unable to give a full refund, but gave a 30% discount. We didnt eat most of the food, and some of it even tasted off so I don't think 30% is really good enough. I wish I had read the more recent reviews before ordering - there are a number of very poor reviews, some with concerns on the safety of the food. Wang fa didn't used to be like this but we won't order from there again.